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Day 5: 4 Of My Favorite Shows

I have lots of favorite shows but let me just share the favorite shows which I just recently watched/watching.

1. American Idol Season 11 - So yeah if you’re following me on twitter, it’s pretty obvious on how updated I am on this show. On this season, I’m sure that it’s going to be a close fight between Joshua, Jessica and Philip…But I’m betting for Joshua and Jessica to be in the top 2! If so, I will not anymore worry if who’s going to be the next Idol, because for me, both of them have great voices and they both deserve to win. But still, I hope for Jessica to win. Of course, Filipino pride eh. haha! /did I just rant too much of AI. lol okay stop/

2. America’s Next Top Model - I just love this because you’ll learn a lot here about fashion, fashion photography modeling and a lot more. Because of this show, it made me dreamed of becoming a model someday (chosera lang! :))) )

3. New Girl - This comedy series didn’t fail to make me laugh on every episode. I just love this show and the characters most especially Zooey Deschanel.

4. Jane by Design - I just recently finished the whole season 1 the other day. And I can say that this show is now one of the faves! The “motto” “From high school to high fashion” explains the whole season itself. You should totally watch this..recommended to those fashion bloggers out there! Can’t wait for the next season. mehehe~


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Day 3: 6 Things You’ll See in My Room

Late post because I was so damn tired yesterday. So here are the 6 things that you can see inside my room… /sorry for the messy room i hate..mehe~/

1. An old computer unit. >< But this will soon be given away to my grandmother. haha!

2. A shelf full of old school books + pictures of me and my friends on frames :”>

3. Lots of Shoe boxes! Tsk3 I definitely need a huge shoe rack! I still have some which are not seen on the photo.

4. My Panda earmuffs! <3 and some panda stuffs. hihi.

5. Photo albums filled with memories.

6. Containers filled with my bracelets! HAHA! I lloveeeeee bracelets! I can leave the house without bracelets on my hands. lol.


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Day 1: 8 Facts About Yourself

Fact #1: I just recently learned how to start fire with a match.

Fact #2: I love to deal with codes. (HTML codes, CSS codes, some Programming codes and such.)

Fact #3: I learned the HTML and CSS language by self.

Fact #4: I am a loyal person when it comes to my crush. HAHAHA! It takes years for me to move on!

Fact #5: I sing. And I want to be singer someday. But, my voice is soooo not enough to get discovered. OTL :)))

Fact #6: I am an Atenean since preschool up until now..

Fact #7: I’m a chocolate monster. When chocolates are available in our ref..well it won’t last a week. hahaha!

Fact #8: I wanna have a guy best friend like Billy in ‘Jane by Design’ TV series


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Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges!: 30 day Random Challenge ›


1.Post a picture of yourself and introduce yourself

2. What exactly would you do if you saw your favorite celebrity?

3. A video that makes you laugh out loud

4. If you switch places with someone for one day, who would it be? (Could be a celebrity or animal or something)

5. What would you like…

I should also give this one a try..

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ang galing lang super na amaze ako!

Camera collection. The Camera Evolution <3

#videos  #camera  #evolution  #random  #photography  

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8 day Random Challenge


1. 8 facts about yourself

2. 7 likes and dislikes 

3. 6 things you see in your room 

4. 5 places you want to visit

5. 4 of your favorite shows

6. 3 of your favorite songs 

7. 2 ways to win your heart

8. 1 thing you want to change about the world

by kimmyjanee

I should do this! <3

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Must watch this video guys! haha. Natamaan ako nang sobbrraaa!

An CRUSH ay PAGHANGA lng, pero wag na wag mong gagawing LOVE ang CRUSH dahil MASASAKTAN ka lng.

I’m baccckkk! sorry for M.I.A. mehe~

Read more…

#life  #rants  #random  #videos  #LC-Learns  #Lloyd Cadena  

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Ask me anything right now, even though you ask as an ANONYMOUS. Please I’m so damn bored. Juno’s, my camera, with mom and dad right now and I can’t post photos (except for webcam photos, boo)

so interview me now! ASK ME ANYTHING! GOOD QUESTIONS!

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Kids stuffs

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REGRET101: Don’t ever Cut your hair SHORT

I am one of those people who regretted to  cut down my long hair to short hair. A VICTIM. It’s nice to have a new look/image, at first, but you’ll get tired seeing your hair short, in other words having a short hair is boring. Just like mine, I was happy about my new short hair, cause I got a new look. but after how many weeks, I’ve realized that I should have kept my promise and pledge, NOT TO CUT IT SHORT.

Things why you should not cut your long hair to short:

  • You can’t make pretty mermaid curls, big curls or whatever the name of that curl is. I tried curling my short hair..and it did suck. :(
  • You can’t have a pretty ombre hair! </3 THIISSSSS! I have dreamed of having a long and ombre hair.      
  • You can’t perform braids all by your self..and you can’t even make those pretty braids when you have short hair :(
  • And lastly, when having an occasion, you only have a few choices of pretty hairstyles for your hair, just like those pretty updos and pretty curls..

For SHORT, having a short hair like mine suck. :( huhu not unless you have a pretty hair. Good if your satisfied with if you do have a short hair. mehe~ But for me, I surely regretted cutting it short.

So for those who are planning to cut their hair short, just a friendly reminder from me…DON’T!!!!! huhu.


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